Thursday, 21 February 2013

Week of Boredom

I'm getting old, Dammit!  It seems that 2013 keeps reminding me of that!  Two weeks ago, one of my daughters caught Hand,Foot and Mouth disease - A pesky childhood illness.  Luckily, she only had a mild case, but a few days after noticing her blisters, I came down with that all-over bodyache that sometimes precedes an illness.  Only this time it lasted FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!!  What the heck!?  It also took me no time at all to become completely exhausted.

By last Wednesday, Boy 2 had HF&M. Currently, Boy 1 has it too.  ANYWAY, three days ago I slept wrong and have not been able to move very well since then. My back muscles are so sore that any movement causes me great pain. I am not the type of person who can just sit around. I am always thinking about what I have to do next, so this is seriously driving me crazy. Seriously.  This is why I take five minute showers; I always feel like there is something else I should be doing. Let's not mention my house! My house is so messy right now! I need to find a way of making this heating pad portable. 

Enough complaining.

I am going out to look at laptops either later this afternoon or tomorrow morning. My computer expert person is only available today! So I should go today despite the pain. Right now I am posting this from our tablet. My desktop is broken (it only needs a new power supply, we think).  I am pretty excited about the prospect of having my very first laptop! My teen girls have them but they don't really like to share my eldest's power cord is broken. This will be my very own!  Hell, I haven't had a new computer since 1999 or 2000.  My other was a hand me down.

This is very exciting for me!

Signing off for now. Almost time to start picking up the kiddos at school and I need a coffee in order to wake myself up a bit!

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