Tuesday, 24 August 2010

So much for the Budget!

Okay, honestly I don't actually have a budget; I just hate spending money....unless it's on clothing for the little ones. Decided to get back-up dress afterall. Here it is!

I hope that one of them looks good. If not, I will have to wear a garbage bag or wrap a sheet around myself. I REALLY have to get that Tony Little Gazelle unburied from behind those bins!

Update: Dress was out of stock :( They sold 3 the day that I tried to purchase mine. The lovely people at www.vintagedressesoutlet.com were extremely kind though and offered a discount on my next purchase to make up for the fact that the dress was sold out. Thank you Lee'Ann!

On a happy note, my black polka dot dress arrived in TWO DAYS. Two days is almost unheard of to send something to Canada from the States. I was extremely impressed with ModCloth.
The dress is cute, though I really have to do some work on my arms...they look a tad large!

Someone please dig out the Gazelle!

So, my cousin Adam is getting married in October. It has been eons since I actually went to a wedding (other than my own!). The past few have been out of town and I have not been able to attend. This wedding will be here, so no worries about being able to go.......

Or are there? What the heck is an overweight, out of shape, doesn't-fit-into-any-of-my-old-dresses girl to do????? Well, my quest for a dress started last week, during my semi-conscious concussion week. I checked out a bazillion online vintage shops to no avail. Apparently Vintage Chicks were a tad thinner than me. Imagine that!

My focus this week has been on "retro-style" dresses. I may have found one (hope so, because I ordered it), but I worry that it may be too plain to wear to the wedding. I don't necessarily have buyer's regret because I love the dress, but I don't know if we have the funds, with birthday season upon us, to buy a dress just because I love it.

Anyhoo, here is the picture. I really like it, but is it appropriate to wear to a wedding? The wedding is in the afternoon at 1pm - cocktails are at 5pm. I was thinking of getting my pearl earrings fixed (one needs to be glued) and finding some funky retro looking shoes, but I'm still worried that it won't be dressy enough. Funny thing to say for someone who NEVER wears a dress. This wedding business is so stressful!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

I Fought The Stroller and The Stroller Won

Okay, technically, it wasn't much of a fight since the nasty Graco DuoGlider double stroller hit me from behind (and about 6ft off the ground), sending me straight to the floor. Well, towards the floor....I ended up stuck in a bin of toys. Luckily, the little ones were in the basement at the time and were able to fetch their older sisters to help me. It took twenty whole minutes to get me turned around and ready to try to get up. The nausea and dizziness was too much to handle. By that point, Terry was home and helped get me upright.

After about an hour and a half, we decided to get to the hospital, since my pupils were very unequal in size. The verdict : I have a concussion. I was monitored for several hours. Nurse Hatchet stabbed me in the arm with a shot of Gravol and caused me to bleed all over my fashionable hospital gown. I went home and was under strict supervision and instruction to return if things got worse. Darling Kiki stayed up all night watching me. Bless her heart.

It is getting better. My pupils finally returned to normal size yesterday. The headaches are not constant anymore; they come and go throughout the day. I can remain upright for more than a minute. I pushed myself a little too much today and am paying for that (Please stop the room from spinning). Seems like it may be a slow and steady road to recovery.

I have managed to do some online window shopping though! Well, I bought a few things.
Firstly, I ordered Boy1's violin. I figured that renting a violin that looked obviously banged up a bit for $25/month didn't make sense. I got an inexpensive internet one as the seller had good reviews and I was told that Boy1 would outgrow this size (1/8) in a couple of months. This way Boy2 can use it too, if he has the inclination to learn violin.

Secondly, I ordered picture invitations for Boy1's birthday party and for Miss A & Boy1's shared Birthday BBQ for family. They rock! I hope they look as nice in person. I ordered them this morning from Kodak and they are already at Best Buy waiting for pick up. That will have to be tomorrow after Terry gets off work, since I am unable to drive. I will try to remember to post pictures when I get them.

Finally, I ordered a birthday t-shirt on etsy from AddieKakesKreations. It is adorable. Here is a picture of what style it will be:

It will, of course, have Boy1's name and "5" on it instead. I am getting so excited for his birthday! We are having his birthday party at the park. There is a water/sprinkler park there and new play structure. I also bought a discounted bean bag toss game and we have a ring toss already. I was considering the Bocce game too, but I am afraid that the children might hurt each other with the balls. We shall see.

After Boy1's party, we are going to have a family BBQ at our house. Our barbeque is really horrible though, so I don't know how that will work out for us!

As for my window shopping, I have been searching the vintage clothing e-world for a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding in October. So far, I have found some beautiful dresses, but none that were definitely "the one". Two months until the wedding ....hopefully enough time to find something.

This typing is giving me a headache, so I need to rest. Hopefully, I will remember to blog again soon!