Thursday, 7 June 2007

Bear with me while I declare today, "A Day of Mourning"

Yup. I am definitely in mourning today. When I awoke this morning, my hanging baskets of impatiens were drooping as if they were depressed as well.

Last night, I was numb; today I'm sad. Terry spent the whole 3rd period sitting alone in the kitchen in the dark. I sat there hoping, praying and finally feeling peace with the fact that it was over. He told me there was no way that he was going to watch the Ducks hoist the Cup, and he stood true to his word, finally coming into the living room to help with L who had fallen asleep on my feet. Then Terry sadly watched the post-game wrap-up and seemed to be feeling the same numbing peace as well.

I have to admit that it was heart-warming though to see parents hustling their children into their cars immediately after soccer last night, in a desperate attempt to get home for the game. It was amazing to see all of those flags and stickers and team jerseys & t-shirts everywhere you looked, or the honking of horns after a win. Even in my own home, watching my little ones rush to put on their Sens gear before a game has creating lasting memories. Last night, K & E fell asleep on the couch while watching the game. There they were, in matching shirts, mouths hanging open, snuggled beside each other fast asleep.

I'm not upset. Not like years past. I'm very proud of my city and my team. I like how we proved what a great hockey town this really is. It is definitely a different feeling when not only is your team's season over, but also the season for every other team too. I plan on keeping my flag on my car for today, and I'm wearing my shirt no matter how wrinkled it is! I do hope that when the team arrives home, that there are plenty of fans waiting for them. They deserve it.

Seems like the weather is mirroring the feeling in the city. It called for warm weather today with a 30% chance of showers. Well, it's been raining since mid-morning. Glad I managed to get the laundry off the line in time! Thank goodness for small miracles. The rain has lifted my drooping impatiens.

It was a good run, no - make that a great run. We from "the city that fun forgot" cannot wait for the party to resume next year.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

First Socks Now the Blasted Remote

So, I didn't sleep last night. I fell asleep pretty quickly listening to the lulling voice of Lloyd Robertson on the 11 o'clock news, but awoke a few hours later to phone sex commercial music. Grrrrrr..... I hate that music. Anyway, I reached for a remote and couldn't find them. I had two nestled beside me when I dozed off, one for the tv & one for the digital box, but they had mysteriously disappeared. O was sound asleep in the crook of my arm and I didn't want to disturb him. A MAC truck could run into the house in the daytime and he won't even budge, but move an inch at night and the boy wakes up!

Well, it is now morning. I was up and about at 6:22am and noticed 2 other little ones in my bed. Had I exchanged 2 remotes for 2 children during the night? I dragged my bum downstairs to hand off the baby and make coffee and then back upstairs I went and proceeded to tear the bed apart (carefully as to not awake my sleeping Giant Boy - Moo awoke when I did.) and nothing. Nada. Zilch. I did manage to find one under the bed but the actual tv remote is gone. I fondly remember the days when I had to get up and walk to the tv to change the channel and adjust the volume or in our case slap the side of the tv because the speaker would crackle and hitting it seemed to always make it better. Yup, life sure was simpler back then!

On a brighter note, and also looking back to when life was simpler. I have been having a blast reconnecting with some old friends online. Giving a shout out to Tiffany H in SF and to Sue wherever Hamner is! And yay for Liz laughing at the tongue picture. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

The natives are getting restless and I have to clean up and prepare for the big game this afternoon. Watching the game is so gutwrenching, so I REALLY hope that we take the series today. Too bad Terry has to work :(


Friday, 18 May 2007

Is it really May 18th?!

Okay, why am I so cold if it's already mid-May?

I'm a tad tired today due to the fact that my obsessive personality discovered facebook (thanks Dad!) and I am now addicted to it. I found my old high school best friend Christie though, so it's all worth it! It's amazing how out of touch I am with the world outside my home. From High School/Middle School I am only in contact with one person - Margie - and even then we rarely see each other.

I feel so badly now :( Amazing how quickly my mood just changed. When will my hormones regulate?!

Anyway, I'm off to guzzle down the pot of coffee. O should love that in about 4-6 hours when it reaches his milk :)

OY! The Princess & Princess Boy are destroying my bedroom. THIS IS WHY I DON'T GO ONLINE ANYMORE!!!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

I'm a virgin blogger no more

I tried to start a blog over a year ago after reading my friend Y's blog, but after setting up the account, I didn't write anything (I was so tired with my then newborn Squishy who is now a giant 20 month old). Then my cousin Sarah started a blog and I reconsidered it, but by then I was even more tired and preggo again, plus I had forgotten my username & password. Sigh......

So this is my first official post. Woo Hoo! Thanks Y and Sarah for getting me here :) what do I write?! I'm NAK (nursing at keyboard for you non-mommy board viewers) and am once again tired!

Anyway, this weekend is not only Victoria Day Weekend but also Terry's birthday. Maybe we should pick up some sparklers ( I would say fireworks, but that's just a recipe for disaster!). Poor guy is going to miss the game on Saturday afternoon because he has to work. So, I'll be stuck here at home, losing my mind and desperately hoping that the Sens win. I almost threw up the other night when they lost. I'm also getting way too superstitious! All of my kiddos have to be home and in the living room, of course wearing their Sens gear. We figure that the loss last night was due to the fact that Moo was up in bed sleeping (and not wearing her Sens shirt). Yes, I'm blaming my 3 year old's sleepiness for our beloved Senators not winning. How sad I have become.

I'm freezing. I can't believe that it's mid-May and it's this cold. My dining room is filled with flowers that I'm supposed to plant. Let's hope I can get it done this weekend without fear of frost!

Off to find a pair of warm socks and a big sweater before I lay down to cuddle with Count Suckula :)