Thursday, 17 May 2007

I'm a virgin blogger no more

I tried to start a blog over a year ago after reading my friend Y's blog, but after setting up the account, I didn't write anything (I was so tired with my then newborn Squishy who is now a giant 20 month old). Then my cousin Sarah started a blog and I reconsidered it, but by then I was even more tired and preggo again, plus I had forgotten my username & password. Sigh......

So this is my first official post. Woo Hoo! Thanks Y and Sarah for getting me here :) what do I write?! I'm NAK (nursing at keyboard for you non-mommy board viewers) and am once again tired!

Anyway, this weekend is not only Victoria Day Weekend but also Terry's birthday. Maybe we should pick up some sparklers ( I would say fireworks, but that's just a recipe for disaster!). Poor guy is going to miss the game on Saturday afternoon because he has to work. So, I'll be stuck here at home, losing my mind and desperately hoping that the Sens win. I almost threw up the other night when they lost. I'm also getting way too superstitious! All of my kiddos have to be home and in the living room, of course wearing their Sens gear. We figure that the loss last night was due to the fact that Moo was up in bed sleeping (and not wearing her Sens shirt). Yes, I'm blaming my 3 year old's sleepiness for our beloved Senators not winning. How sad I have become.

I'm freezing. I can't believe that it's mid-May and it's this cold. My dining room is filled with flowers that I'm supposed to plant. Let's hope I can get it done this weekend without fear of frost!

Off to find a pair of warm socks and a big sweater before I lay down to cuddle with Count Suckula :)

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