Thursday, 7 June 2007

Bear with me while I declare today, "A Day of Mourning"

Yup. I am definitely in mourning today. When I awoke this morning, my hanging baskets of impatiens were drooping as if they were depressed as well.

Last night, I was numb; today I'm sad. Terry spent the whole 3rd period sitting alone in the kitchen in the dark. I sat there hoping, praying and finally feeling peace with the fact that it was over. He told me there was no way that he was going to watch the Ducks hoist the Cup, and he stood true to his word, finally coming into the living room to help with L who had fallen asleep on my feet. Then Terry sadly watched the post-game wrap-up and seemed to be feeling the same numbing peace as well.

I have to admit that it was heart-warming though to see parents hustling their children into their cars immediately after soccer last night, in a desperate attempt to get home for the game. It was amazing to see all of those flags and stickers and team jerseys & t-shirts everywhere you looked, or the honking of horns after a win. Even in my own home, watching my little ones rush to put on their Sens gear before a game has creating lasting memories. Last night, K & E fell asleep on the couch while watching the game. There they were, in matching shirts, mouths hanging open, snuggled beside each other fast asleep.

I'm not upset. Not like years past. I'm very proud of my city and my team. I like how we proved what a great hockey town this really is. It is definitely a different feeling when not only is your team's season over, but also the season for every other team too. I plan on keeping my flag on my car for today, and I'm wearing my shirt no matter how wrinkled it is! I do hope that when the team arrives home, that there are plenty of fans waiting for them. They deserve it.

Seems like the weather is mirroring the feeling in the city. It called for warm weather today with a 30% chance of showers. Well, it's been raining since mid-morning. Glad I managed to get the laundry off the line in time! Thank goodness for small miracles. The rain has lifted my drooping impatiens.

It was a good run, no - make that a great run. We from "the city that fun forgot" cannot wait for the party to resume next year.

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^starshine said...

Darlin', I thought about you guys all week and kept an eye on the series. I knew how excited you guys would be with the Sens in the finals. And when I saw the final score I immediately thought of you guys again.

I do have to laugh that amongst the things that unite us it is babies, diaper changes, and the "glorious" love for hockey. ;)

Hang in there sweetie and I'm glad I discovered your blog.