Thursday, 21 February 2008

So apparently I'm not a good blogger!

Long time, no blog! I am sick today, so this will be brief. It feels like I'm swallowing razor blades...ouch! I think that I have caught little O's cold. It didn't help that he kept open mouth kissing me the other day. Cute boy. Infectious, but cute.

I have a new paranoia! Plastic sippy cups. If I weren't so sick and if I had a babysitter I would be out stainless steel sippy cup shopping. I shouldn't watch the evening news. It's puts crazy ideas in my head. As usual, my new obsession will cost money that I don't have! I think I need a money tree. My plan is to get a Foogoo cup by Thermos and then maybe order a Safe Sippy when they finally replenish their stock. It seems that there are several other crazies just like me that have bought up all of the cups online. Everywhere is supposed to be restocked in April.

Now I'm just babbling. Need a nap. Toodles!

**UPDATE** I did end up getting some Safe Sippy Cups for Little O, as well as some other funky stainless dishes and containers from Life Without Plastics and The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe ~ both wonderful stores!!

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