Tuesday, 24 August 2010

So much for the Budget!

Okay, honestly I don't actually have a budget; I just hate spending money....unless it's on clothing for the little ones. Decided to get back-up dress afterall. Here it is!

I hope that one of them looks good. If not, I will have to wear a garbage bag or wrap a sheet around myself. I REALLY have to get that Tony Little Gazelle unburied from behind those bins!

Update: Dress was out of stock :( They sold 3 the day that I tried to purchase mine. The lovely people at www.vintagedressesoutlet.com were extremely kind though and offered a discount on my next purchase to make up for the fact that the dress was sold out. Thank you Lee'Ann!

On a happy note, my black polka dot dress arrived in TWO DAYS. Two days is almost unheard of to send something to Canada from the States. I was extremely impressed with ModCloth.
The dress is cute, though I really have to do some work on my arms...they look a tad large!

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