Thursday, 2 September 2010

Maybe Moving South?

In my obsessive search for a nice country home I found a pretty 5 acre property with an old/renovated farmhouse on it. It has 4 bedrooms and an attic loft that can be developed. For some reason, I am more nervous about moving to Prescott than I was about moving to Renfrew. I'm still slightly sad that we didn't get my dream home on Barr Street.

Terry wants to check out the Prescott home tomorrow night. I tried to explain that tomorrow night is a momentous night with the premiere of CAMP ROCK 2. He just doesn't understand. Miss Hollywood is hoping to have a sleepover to make the night even more special. Secretly, I am a little excited to see the movie. Afterall, we have been watching the commercials for it for the past 5 months. I think I know all of the songs already!

Here is a sample: It's On
Oh and another one! : Can't Back Down

Anyhoo, the house is inexpensive enough that we could afford to finish the attic AND build me a nice porch. I made it very clear that I will only move to the country if I get my big white porch. I also mentioned an outdoor rink in the winter, which sent Terry on a crazy hockey-playing-every-night fantasy. Considering that I have wanted to make a backyard rink every year for the past 4 years, I think 5 acres of property is more suitable than a tiny townhome backyard with a gazebo in the way.

See, the big problem is that I'm not entirely sure that I want to leave the city. I worry about the country schools, about the children having to make new friends, about the children having to take a school bus, not so much about being isolated though. I am embracing my hermit identity a bit more these days, though I have promised myself to try to be a bit more social this school year.

OH! And Terry's lovely niece Wendy lives in Prescott. She has 5 kids too, 3 of which would go to the same school as my older girls.

I suppose that the best thing to do is to actually see the house and take it from there. If I don't love it, I'm not moving!

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