Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Someone please dig out the Gazelle!

So, my cousin Adam is getting married in October. It has been eons since I actually went to a wedding (other than my own!). The past few have been out of town and I have not been able to attend. This wedding will be here, so no worries about being able to go.......

Or are there? What the heck is an overweight, out of shape, doesn't-fit-into-any-of-my-old-dresses girl to do????? Well, my quest for a dress started last week, during my semi-conscious concussion week. I checked out a bazillion online vintage shops to no avail. Apparently Vintage Chicks were a tad thinner than me. Imagine that!

My focus this week has been on "retro-style" dresses. I may have found one (hope so, because I ordered it), but I worry that it may be too plain to wear to the wedding. I don't necessarily have buyer's regret because I love the dress, but I don't know if we have the funds, with birthday season upon us, to buy a dress just because I love it.

Anyhoo, here is the picture. I really like it, but is it appropriate to wear to a wedding? The wedding is in the afternoon at 1pm - cocktails are at 5pm. I was thinking of getting my pearl earrings fixed (one needs to be glued) and finding some funky retro looking shoes, but I'm still worried that it won't be dressy enough. Funny thing to say for someone who NEVER wears a dress. This wedding business is so stressful!!!!!!!!!

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