Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Three (or Four) Things

I can't believe that it is already July 22nd. How did that happen?

My children are complaining about the lack of excitement in their summer.  My original plan was to give them a 1970's summer as advised by Melissa at 4boysmother, but that fell by the wayside as soon as summer actually began.  Especially once I realised that my cable provider no longer carries TV Land (What the hell, Rogers? What the hell?).

Of course, the children have done tons of things, but not enough apparently.  Two of them currently have fevers, so I really have no idea what they are expecting, but I have learnt to not to question the delirious minds of feverish children, so I ignored the sleepovers, cottage, pool, park and ice cream trips. Though much to their annoyance I brought up, as exciting activities of the summer,  my recent ultrasound, hospital appointments for two of them (dislocated/fractured elbow checkup for one and neurologist for another) and my check-up.  They didn't find me very funny, though Kiki found me hilarious.

Pre-fever, I came up with a brilliant idea.  An evil brilliant idea to occupy some of their time AND to have them keep their brains working during the summer months. I asked the children to come up with three things that they wanted to know more about.  It could be a person, a place, an animal, an invention...anything that they were curious about.

Well, Kiki was busy with her World Religion online course and grumbled something along the lines of not having time.  Whatevs...18 year olds that are taking a course that interests them in summer school are allowed to forgo research projects disguised as fun...I suppose.  Mexi was sleeping and I'm pretty sure would find the idea less than appealing.  Afterall, anything that she wants to figure out is as close as the Google home page.

The three little ones were quite enthusiastic though.  YAY! So enthusiastic that my aptly named "Three Things" project became not aptly named when all three chose FOUR interests. They are looking forward to heading to the library and finding books on their chosen subjects. I mean we could just go online, but the library is much more fun for them and it counts (at least in my mind) as a summertime field trip.

So, I'm sure you're dying to hear their topics of interest! Here they are:
Miss Hollywood chose Tigers, Amelia Earheart, Africa, and the Moon.
Boy 1 chose Greek Mythology (which he already knows tons about), Egypt, the Sun, and Jackie Robinson.
Boy 2 chose Albert Einstein, the Statue of Liberty, Koalas, and How The Earth Moves.

Luckily we already have books on the people that were chosen, so they can have a head start while they hopefully make speedy recoveries....and as we await for Mr.O to become ill too. (We all know it's bound to happen).

I find it cute that we have the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth involved.  They inspired each other with those choices! I think it will be fun for them to tell each other what they have learned.  Hoping everyone is well enough to get to the library later this week.

By the way, all three books that we own are 5% off on the Chapters Indigo website for my Canadian Friends. I love this whole series of books.  And more importantly, so do the children!

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