Saturday, 19 July 2014

Blame It On Maggie..

Sounds scandalous, doesn't it?

Well, it isn't really. Maggie is the name of our van. She is my faithful companion. I use her to chauffeur around my babies, to run countless errands, to travel to fun and adventurous places, and to go grocery shopping every Saturday morning.  Every single one.  Drop off hubby at work at 8:50 and then off to FarmBoy and to the supermarket. Every week is the same.  Except this one.  My eldest girls were off to their grandparents and it was just me and the three younger ones. I awoke early, as usual - stupid internal clock, and made the decision that I would allow my darlings to relax, Miss Hollywood could sleep in, and I would let hubby take Maggie to work, leaving me van-less for the day.

It is amazing the amount of work that I could get done when I didn't have to shop or drive the children wherever they needed to be taken. By 9:15, I had caulked around the bay window sill, otherwise known as the Kitty Counter. The kitty counter had been tiled three months ago. Finally, it has been caulked.  While in the kitchen I did general tidying and I even scrubbed the floor Cinderella style. Upstairs, in the boys' room, I hung a picture and a clock that had been waiting for me to pay them attention for quite a while. I moved responsibility charts that were too accessible to the babies I watch. I swept the stairs. I did laundry. It felt good to accomplish things, despite the children and pets trying to thwart my efforts every step of the way!

I started not only reclaiming the house that has become overwhelmed since the children started summer vacation, but I got to cross some items off my long term to do list that I had been procrastinating doing.  I accomplished so much that I may just let hubby take Maggie more often.

Caulking is not the ideal pastime for those with OCD tendencies

Boys' Room finally getting some finishing touches

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