Friday, 24 January 2014

Channelling My Inner Betty Draper

I'll let you in on a little secret....I actually (sometimes) enjoy cleaning.  Well, perhaps not entirely the act itself, but nothing beats a clean house.  I just feel happier when everything is in its place and there isn't a layer of dust on my furniture or dog hair tumble weeds rolling around my house. I love rushing down to the laundry room with a fresh tin of laundry soap (Nellie's is my fave).  I'm really odd that way.

Of course, I am the mom of five, six if you count my husband, so my house is not usually in the state that would make me happy.  My eldest will help with the cleaning if I ask. She doesn't do a great job, mind you, but it's nice that she is helpful, even though she would rather be on tumblr.

In a family of seven, my house is rarely company ready (though it has been two days this week!).  Or it doesn't last after 5 minutes of the children walking through the front door after school. This can be so disheartening.  And lets not even mention the bedrooms.  I have a panic attack when I'm on the bedroom level of my home.  It's just so overwhelming.  And being overwhelmed can lead to inaction on my part.

Now, I have discovered a secret about myself.  On the days where I wake up and get all dolled up and put on my pretty apron (now I wear my Ruby Woo lipstick too), it all seems so much more pleasurable.  I feel like Betty Draper, when she still was Betty Draper and not married to Henry.  I find joy in cooking eggs for my darling children before sending them off to school.  I happily dust, sweep, vacuum and fold laundry.  Now, hell would freeze over before I waited on hubby hand and foot, but at least he can be happy to come home to a clean house.  It reminds me of Mary Poppins singing a spoon full of sugar to get the children to clean up the nursery.  Playing the role of a glamourous housewife of days long ago, makes scrubbing the faucet with a toothbrush seem noble; it makes a shiny kitchen sink seem to be the secret of lifelong happiness.

I remember watching a talk show once (possibly Ellen?) on which Emily Procter from CSI Miami spoke about how she always wears a tiara when she's doing her housework.  Ms. Procter, I believe you are a genious.  Brilliant thinking!

That being said, I'm not quite sure where I hid my tiara, so I will now change out of my sweats into some prettier clothes, put on my face (and my apron, of course) and make this house company ready once again.

Now if only I had company coming over..........

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