Thursday, 9 January 2014

Quirky Plan or Pure Genius

Christmas is over, January is here and I'm still feeling blue. Now, I know it could just be the winter blues, but if I'm honest with myself, I know it's not. 

The lack of purpose is strong and I need to figure out which direction I should choose next for my life. I need a greater purpose than simply "Momming". Quite frankly my Momming is suffering by being in this funk. But before I pull up my big girl panties and face the road ahead, I have decided to have a good old fashioned day of wallowing. I find that the majority of my days are filled with tasks to keep me busy in an attempt to not have to face up to things....feelings, is all avoided. 

So I'm setting aside a day to just sulk. Sulk about the weather. Sulk about roads not taken. Sulk about sulking. I'll eat ice cream and cuddle under a blanket and cry and watch sappy movies and face it all head on. 

I think I deserve at least one day of that before heading down the next road. 

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Alyssha Matthews said...

Absolutely deserved :)