Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

Not sure how to celebrate, though I suppose that tomorrow's flight with my girls will be a celebration of Women!  I am less panicky about the flight today.  That is bound to change tomorrow, but for now, I'm doing okay.  I do feel badly though for my eldest who may have to fly alone.  It occurred to me at 3am (as brilliant or troubling thoughts often do) a couple nights ago, that we may not all be able to fly together.  I guess it will still be bonding, but I would definitely prefer if we were all together.

My youngest daughter is starting to have a few doubts, or maybe she is just protesting because I won't let her have a sleepover tonight.  Oh, 9 year old girls!  I love her to pieces, but I must admit that the past few months have been a nightmare with her.  I was speaking to her friend's father and we were both in agreement that there are two predominant states of being for our daughters these days: anger or  tears.  Seriously, she has so few "normal"moments (or what I considered normal, only a few short months ago).  The rest is the Roller Coaster of Pre-pubescence.  And let me tell you, this roller coaster is not fun. Daughter #2 is also having a tough time, as she is going through a rough patch with her boyfriend of almost 6 months.  AND Daughter #1 just made the courageous decision of switching school this week.

I think that this Flight will be a welcome distraction for all of my darling daughters!

After the flight, we are doing some typical girly things; we will be training bra shopping for the youngest and the girls will be getting their hair done (or hair did, as my Southern friend Julie would say).

I suppose that is a great way to belatedly celebrate International Women's Day.

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