Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March Break Madness - Tuesday

It's the Tuesday of March Break, which for our family means Movie Day.  Oh, how I long for the days from my childhood of Two Dollar Tuesdays!  I can remember when they raised the price to $2.50.  With 5 kids, I have no choice, but to go on the "cheap" day.

Our movie of choice is Oz The Great and Powerful.  Yesterday, we watched some movie trailers online, and this trailer gave me goosebumps.  Hope it's as good as the trailer!  For once, my children all agree on the movie, so we have avoided that argument, thank goodness.

I have spent the past hour trying to find information on Ottawa's old movie theatres and making sure that I was right in my memory that I had, in fact, watched Star Wars at the Nelson Theatre. All references seemed to show it playing at the Somerset (which I remember going to as well, but not for Star Wars).  I was four years old when the first Star Wars movie was released, so I started doubting myself. Wow, I feel old, but I remember waiting in line at the Nelson Theatre with my mom and stepdad. I remember how awed I was by the grandeur of the theatre, as well as the movie.  I know that my children feel awed at the movies as well, but there is something about the atmosphere in today's theatres that is lacking.  I know that there are two remaining old cinemas in Ottawa, The Mayfair and The Bytowne, but the movie selection is not what we had in mind for our March Break Movie.  Perhaps, I will have to take them some other time. For the record, the Mayfair is playing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at 3pm this March Break, two of my five children have already seen it, so it's not the right choice for us.

Now, I just have to decide if I want to splurge on 3D.  Decisions, decisions.

P.S. Flight Update - Just a quick word on my flying experience on Saturday: It was brilliant.  Awesome.  Like seriously awe-some.  I will be doing a full post about it, complete with pictures, when I get the chance.

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