Friday, 1 March 2013

Oh Hell, What have I done?!?!

Please tell me that this was a good thing to do??!!

March 9th, the Canadian Aviation Museum is offering free flights in a small aircraft to women and girls in honour of Women of Aviation Week.  I decided to sign myself and the girls up for a flight.

I. Am. Scared. To. Death.

Like, I'm ridiculously afraid of heights.  It's honestly pathetic.  I become a shaky, faint mess.  Stairs without backs are my nemesis. As are ferris wheels, ladders, and balconies.

At least, I will have my girls there to comfort me and hold my hand.  I will just keep telling myself that this will be a lovely bonding experience (not to mention, the girls will not be able to complain that we didn't do anything exciting on the March Break.  Though the boys will be ridiculously jealous!).

Pray for us, please.....

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