Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Magical Snowman

This morning, while grumpily driving back home from my morning round of Chauffeur Mom duty, I noticed a big ol' snowman on one of the lawns in my neighbourhood.  I couldn't help but smile.  There is something magical about the snowman.  He was able to transform my mood, and give a lift to my heart.  The snowman is innocent, built simply with the purpose of fun. Made of that sticky snow that reminds us all of childhood and times when we had less cares in the world.  When we could just play in the snow and enjoy it.

Picture of the Snowman taken in the evening

Another example of this magic was last week, when after that huge snowfall that hit Ottawa, the next morning while trying to get around on the slushy, slippy roads, there on the median was a whole army of Snowmen.  I wish I had gotten a picture. Unfortunately, driving and taking pictures is not recommended. I found this one posted on the CTV Facebook page. Talk about someone taking lemons and making lemonade!  Again, I felt lightened, like this simple family of Snowpeople, made things a little bit better in the world.

So, should there be another snowfall, this year, I vow to get out there, and make my own happy Snowman!  Maybe I will be able to brighten someone's mood, or at least my own, every time I look out my front window.

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