Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday Morning....What Promising Plans Does This Week Hold?

Another Monday morning is here.  I am tired.  Two nights in a row, I have literally fallen asleep on the couch as soon as I sat down to watch television.  I shouldn't feel tired.  I had about 10 hours of sleep, albeit it interrupted.

Today is the start of my Two Week Walk Challenge.  My friend Ann (with whom I went out for dinner on Friday) had mentioned that she would be walking every day for the two weeks that she is vacationing in Florida.  I told her that if she did it, I would walk everyday too.  Of course, on Day 1 I have two children home sick. But I am accepting no excuses from myself! I will just have to wait until later this afternoon when Kiki is home from school. I can do this!  You can follow my progress here.

This week, I must make up my March Break Plan; a plan that has my younger children thrilled and my older girls cringe.  Last year, Miss A decided that she was too cool to partake in any of our family activities.  She missed out on a lot.  I hope she has a different opinion this year.  Of course, I may regret that, as she has been yelling SO MUCH these days.  Seriously, the child cannot speak without yelling.  Being around her is to be stressed out beyond reason.  I will have to set down some serious rules about her tone while we are out enjoying our break.

This Saturday is our Girls Bonding Flight!!!  I am still terrified.  The long term forecast for Saturday is sunny and 3C.  That reassures me a bit on the weather front, though things can change.  I still have to arrange for someone to watch the boys.  I have not told them yet that the girls and I are doing this.  I will, but it just hasn't come up.  Then again, when do things like this just "come up"?!  Oy!  I am dreading their reaction. I still have no clue what I was thinking when I thought that this was a good idea.  Panic....taking....over....

I had also planned on painting the boys' room this March Break.  Now that it is quickly approaching, I'm not sure that painting is a good idea.  I would have to clear their room.  I tried to buy a bunk bed from kijiji, but I was a little too late - 2nd on the list is not good enough.  It seems that used bunk beds are crazy expensive.  I am so mad at myself.  Last year, the mom of a friend of Miss Hollywood's, phoned and asked if we could use a bunk bed.  At the time, I really had nowhere to store it and I didn't think that a bunk bed was appropriate with one of the boys still wetting the bed.  Miraculously, he stopped over the Christmas holidays, so I started thinking about how much a bunk bed would help with the lack of space situation in the boys' room.  I had thought about making a bunk bed from some plans from Ana White. I just don't think that it is reasonable to think that I will be able to completely redo the bedroom and make a bed, while still having fun excursions with the children on their break. Perhaps, I can get the painting done though.  Maybe.

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