Friday, 1 March 2013

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

These week, that started out so wonderfully, has totally tuckered me out.  I wanted to go to bed at 6pm last night, I was just that tired!  I managed to hold off until after the children were in bed, then started to promptly fall asleep as Kiki was about to put this week's Biggest Loser episode on. Oops!  So much for mother/daughter bonding over a weight loss based reality show!

I have been invited out tonight by another mom to a dinner.  Another mom who is an uber blogger and Tweeter (or is it Tweep?) and who is meeting with another uber blogger and Tweeter-Tweep.  I'm really excited!  It will be so nice to get out with other women.  It's something that I wish to do more in 2013.  Whether it be for coffee, lunch, dinner, or drinks, I have vowed to start making those connections this year.  Of course, my lunches have only consisted of one lunch with my mom last Friday, and my coffee date with a fellow mom from Boy2's class, has not actually happened despite the fact that we have talked about it!  In fact, this evening's dinner is simply a result of the other woman inviting me along to the dinner.  It seriously had nothing to do with me.

On the non-sisterhood of women front, Terry & I did go out last week. (Again due completely to someone else's suggestion).  We went to an acquaintance's house, who it turns out lives rather close.  He said that he was having friends over for drinks and suggested we drop in too.  I figured, why not?!  We never really get out.  Well, there was only one other person there, so it was a bit more intimate than I had expected.  Still it was a nice enough time despite several moments of awkwardness.  It was just not exactly what Terry and I are looking for.  I think I pictured the commercial or TV show type of adult get together.  This did not have that feel at all.  With my luck, our host will stumble across this blog and I will forever feel badly!

My hopes for tonight are much higher.  Plus I'm excited to see my friend in an other light.  We have in the past spoken to each other for hours on the phone and I used to babysit her children.  In fact, her daughter and DD2 were best friends for years.  Almost two years ago, she suddenly lost her husband to a cyst on his brain, that was incorrectly diagnosed by the hospital emergency staff.  Such a sad story.  My heart breaks for her still.  I feel horribly that I did not do more for her.  Thoughts like baking cookies or stopping by with a coffee often entered my mind, but as is my way, I often come up with great ideas that do not come to fruition.  I'm hoping that this will be a new phase to our relationship, where I can be the type of person that she needs and that I want to be.

Now, I haven't completely been neglectful - I did offer to help her clean and pack when she was planning on moving.  And I made sure that she was invited to my birthday party, though she unfortunately, could not attend.

Let's hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful, more social, friendship!

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