Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Another Day, Another Blog

Okay, so technically I have already posted today, but that doesn't matter.

My ear made me cry today. Luckily, ibuprofen is enough to take the edge off. I am in desperate need of a shower. I'm afraid of getting my ears wet, but seeing as how I disgust myself at the moment, there is little choice. Terry took the day off to take care of us sickies, but, instead of helping out, he seems intent on walking around, doing nothing. I was presumptuous enough to make a list, but between his failing eyesight and lack of observation skills, the list is sitting there being unappreciated. He did take pity on me by sweeping up the dirtpile that I had swept. Now he is upstairs.....doing something. Noone ever knows what, but I assume it is something.

Perhaps he's not. I have never met a soul before who had the ability to sit for such long periods of time just staring.....or rubbing his forehead. I would seriously be bored with myself, if I did that - hence the floor sweeping of this morning that I managed to complete between ear throbs.

After his several Mantrums of the past couple of days (I will testify to the fact that men have some sort of PMS), everyone is avoiding him. I am not really avoiding him, but merely too weak to climb the staircase to satisfy my curiosity.

Now on to much more lighthearted things. I spent yesterday reading 2 different Bachelor Recap blogs. Both are Texans and both are ridiculously hilarious. Lincee Ray's blog is and some guy from austin is at .
If I don't move to Renfrew, perhaps I will move to Texas.

Back to complaining for a moment - if T-man so desperately wants to move, should he not be taking advantage of this day off to make the house look a bit better....he could finish the bathroom paint job that he started FOUR months ago.


Alrighty, just checked on him. He was lying down. Some medication he took is making him feel sick. I should feel worse for him, but honestly, this seems to happen everytime he is home. Maybe I am simply feeling bitter because I have been getting worse for a week and a half now, with little sympathy from him.

Time to force myself to do at least one chore from my list. If I am going to be miserable and in agony, I might as well make myself feel better by accomplishing something. Almost time to take more pain meds. Woot!!!!

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