Wednesday, 10 March 2010

O Canada....why doesn't everyone ship to you?!

I am a proud Canadian. I am proud of our uniqueness and proud of our kick-ass athletes ;) (still recovering from Olympic fever).
I am not happy, however, with our online shopping choices at times. How many times have I found the perfect something that I just can't have because I'm not American. I suppose it has saved me all sorts of money over the years, so maybe I should just shut up and be grateful for that!

One of my favourite sites is Land of Nod . It makes me crazy how absolutely adorable everything is on that site. If I had a million dollars.......Now, L o'N does ship to Canada, but I would have to send them my list each time to have them give me a quote. That could get embarrassing, since I really like to know the shipping cost when I am web-window shopping.

A while ago, I found this cool site Bed Bath & Beyond. It has such nice things. I wanted to share what I want to get the boys:

This set comes with SO much. It has the comforter, of course, and not one, but two sheets sets, two throw pillows, bedskirt and two 70"W x 16"L window valances. All for $129.99 for a twin. Whoa. Needless to say, this bedding is on my wishlist.

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