Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Two Blogs in Six Hours....Sure beats One Blog in all of 2008!

The meds that were supposed to konk me out did no such thing, so here I am at midnight, too tired to concentrate on watching my beloved Lost on timeshifting. I, of course, missed the original showing 3 hours ago...T-man was having what I like to call a Mantrum and was best sitting alone downstairs brooding, while I forced my eyes open with toothpicks and tried to convince the hooligans that sleeping was a good thing.

I, just moments ago, happened upon an awesome blog by my soul sistah and favourite future in-law, J-Buck. She is a rock star. My anxiety cripples me at times. Hers, makes a wonderful blog about fun fabrics, smelly candles and yummy recipes. Hats off to her! I admire and am inspired by her. If I ever recover from this plague, I think I will attempt to embrace housewifery the way that Julie has.

Oh, this is the house to which, I dream of moving...........

It's in Renfrew - an hour away. It's only about 20 minutes away from the cottage. How perfect is that?! I would probably drive my mom nuts if we went to the cottage that often, yet the proximity to that lovely lake, makes me giddy!

The thought of ever moving scares me to death. Our house would need to be purged so flipping much before even considering putting our house on the market. By that time, my beautiful dream home would be sold, so for the time being this is simply a fantasy.....a really nice fantasy. You should see the pictures of the kitchen!!! Oh wait, I can show you ;)

Now that's a kitchen! Pretty, pretty! Enough exclamation marks!!!! According to Google Maps, the house is a 2 minute walk to the public school and a 15 minute walk to the high school, which wouldn't matter since I always end up driving anyway. Actually the Google Earth map - which makes me feel like a peeping Tom - seems to have the house directly across the street from the public school. Not sure about that though. I obviously would NOT be driving children across the street.
Miss A doesn't want to move because, she informed me, "I actually have a life". Seeing as the rest of us don't and Kiki desperately wants a change of scenery, if it came down to it, Miss A would have to "have a life" somewhere else. Like I previously stated though, this is simply a really nice fantasy. I really am troubled by even the thought of uprooting my children, eventhough I truly believe that they would have a wonderful life out there.....and certainly a nicer, bigger house, with a fair sized yard and so much more space to play.
The other aspect, is the ever present, evil neighbour. It is very hard to picture living beside such a miserable, spiteful, unstable wretch for the next couple of years. IT IS NO WAY FOR MY CHILDREN TO LIVE!!!! Nor for the adults. It's like living in a prison, not a home...always paranoid of doing something to provoke the mental case in the next cell.
Darn you Ottawa Housing Prices for being so high!!
I am feeling completely drained now, so I will head to bed and hopefully dreams of big old houses with modern kitchens will dance in my head.
Tiffy out!

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Deb said...

Just happened upon your blog, and have to comment! I used to live in an apartment on Barr St. and it is a really nice area. Beautiful house.
Your kids are beautiful too, by the way! Hope all your dreams come true!