Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wowsers, Time Sure Does Fly!

My stepson turned 18 today. How did that happen?! He can vote! And legally drink in his home province - la belle province - of Quebec. According to the articles following the women's hockey team's gold medal celebrations (this world is so very sexist when a man can win gold and walk down the streets drinking out of a pitcher of beer and women are frowned upon for smoking cigars and drinking beer in private), I now know that the drinking age in Alberta (where the women's team trains) is also 18.

I still remember him as that skinny little dude, all into hockey and not yet into girls. Now he is officially a man, an adult. Whoa. It's amazing how regardless of our wishes, time keeps ticking by at such an alarming rate.

I didn't sleep well last night. My ear was killing is making my eye and cheekbone hurt too, which is what I think kept me up. I am currently waiting for the ibuprofen & acetaminophen to kick in. Yes, I have to do the combo to take the edge off. Sorry to complain again. I'm just so tired of feeling pain. I think this is good news - my ear has been doing little popping things all morning. I think it is fluid draining. You know it's a good day when fluid is draining from your ears ;)

During my hours of inability to sleep, I tried to concentrate on happy thoughts, like the house. My fear is that my preocupation with it is causing me to ignore reality. In another 2 weeks, I get to meet with the prosecutor over the noise complaint again. The more I think of moving, the more I feel like just paying the fine and getting it over with. I hate the anxiety. It has a tendency to consume me. I wish that I had been considering moving a few months ago. Then the path to preparing the house for sale wouldn't be so intimidating. I swear Miss A's room looks like something from the tv show Hoarders. I am afraid of that room!!!
Baby steps.
That being said, time to do some work around here. My life is so glamorous.

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