Saturday, 6 March 2010

Pretty Things Make Me Happy

Giving a big shout out to my friends at BusyBs ( for inspiring me to web-window shop new websites. I simply love finding new sites over which to drool!

After the painful night that Boy 1 and I managed to survive, I needed something pretty to lift my spirits, so I decided to check out the Anthropologie website ( I found the most gorgeous things there.

Miss Hollywood and I NEED to get these:

Wouldn't my little princess look perfect in this????

I'm not sure how my body would look in this one, but I need a new apron and she would be thrilled if we had matching ones.

And the set wouldn't be complete without the pot holder!

I think I have an obsession with pretty things...take that dream home of mine. Imagine me in that dream home, baking cookies with Miss Hollywood, both in our matching aprons. Ahhhhh.....what a nice fantasy. I should throw a Kitchen-Aid Mixer into that fantasy, perhaps make it green apple coloured (though I am also partial to the ice blue, tangerine and buttercup):

[Sigh] I'm in love with all of these beautiful things. Maybe I will take a nap and dream of clean houses with funky little pretty things strewn about.

This all reaffirms my belief in the need for a playroom in the basement for the wee ones...well, it would also be a rec room for the older ones too.

Part of me simply wants to fix this house up to maximize the space and get rid of oodles of things. Regardless of whether we stay or move, we still have to do the purging. If planning a move, I wouldn't finish the basement, but things definitely must go. Sometimes I think that Terry is right [GASP] and that we have outgrown our house.

My friend Val doesn't keep anything she doesn't use. I love that philosophy, but unfortunately that concept is somewhat lost on the children.

I will need one of those Junk-it bins, if we ever try to prepare to move. I will also most likely need the services of either PODS or PUPS to store some things as a 4 bedroom townhome does not offer a lot of space for a family of seven.

As of the 20th of March, the boys will have their room back. I am soooo looking forward to that! Owen will finally have a dresser of his own and I can remove their clothing from the wardrobe in the foyer. I need to get to IKEA to pick up a duvet cover for Owen to match Liam's and deep clean their carpet, hang up their canvasses and YAY they have their room all set up. Let us not forget that their closet is big enough to store some of those toys in my dining room . Woot!
C'mon 20th!!!

Time to make a pot of tea for me and my darlings. We're all so sick of being sick! Think I will web-window shop while waiting for the water to boil :)


my five munchkins said...
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my five munchkins said...

If we get the mixer in Buttercup or Tangerine we can get a matching blender. I so wish that they had the blender in Green Apple....though they do have them both in Pear (I like the Green Appler better!!!)