Thursday, 4 March 2010

Send Chicken Soup! STAT!

I have recently found myself envisioning life for my children, if I were seriously ill or, Heaven forbid, even dead.

Life around this house is so bloody dysfunctional when I am sick!!!!!!

Miss Hollywood has been late for the umpteenth time in the past week and a half. Two days this week have resulted in Terry simply leaving to go to work, stating that he can't wait any longer. Therefore, two days this week have resulted in me phoning to apologize for her tardiness and a sick Kiki having to walk her little sister to school. Somehow the fact that T-man has no matching clean socks is somehow to be blamed on the older girls, as is the fact that he slept in. Huh???

The Blame Game infuriates me, especially when the one blaming could have easily woken people up when he awoke, instead of first having a half hour Morning Constitutional and then complaining that everyone was falling behind.

To make things easier tomorrow morning (TGIF!), Miss Hollywood and I will be picking out her wardrobe as soon as she gets home this afternoon. The darling has agreed to make feeding the cats her job. I hope that the extra responsibility helps steer her away from the rebelliousness that she has been overcome with over the past couple of weeks. She actually openly laughed in her father's face the other evening when he was getting upset with her. She has also been outright refusing to go to bed, so bedtime has been a struggle. And she is my best behaved child!

My hopes for this afternoon is to de-stuffed animal her bed and remake it properly, so that we can get her properly cozied in tonight. I promised her that Nessie could try sleeping on her bed for the first time, so I am hoping that all of this will be incentive to behave.

Project Hollywood is officially under way. I figure tackling her issues first will a) be easier than the other peeps' and b) stop her from constantly riling her younger brothers they need any extra help there ;)

Now if only I can open up my left eye enough to see, today might not be a total write-off.


my five munchkins said...

Double spacing isn't working today for some reason. Hope the post isn't too cluttered!


my five munchkins said...

Alrighty. Problem fixed. Edited html (I didn't know what I was doing!) and it worked :)