Thursday, 25 March 2010

Where Has The Time Gone?

There we go....just changed the blog name, as I feel the last one was a tad on the negative side. We'll try this one on for size and see if it fits.

The March Break sped by us and I am ashamed to admit that we did not have the chance to do all that I had hoped. My ear is still troubling me; the doctor said that it is viral and all I can do is wait for the fluid that is behind my ear drum to drain. Fun times. Regardless, it put a damper on my mood and my energy levels. I am trying to be possitive about it though. I now have the oppurtunity to have THREE coffee tins to paint instead of two. I think that I will do the base coat and perhaps have the children help paint on some added touches. I also found a bunch of seeds for planting, so we can always plant seeds instead of putting full grown plants in the painted containers.

The boys got their room back on Friday and since then I have been fixing it up for them. It now looks like a proper little boys' room, though I seem to have misplaced the red mirrors that used to hang in there. I will have to keep looking. Miss Hollywood likes the room so much that she is insisting on sleeping in there. If we do manage to get our Dream Home, I may be able to convince her to share the third floor with the boys. It would be practical, as they always like to end up in the same room anyway. The closet is certainly big enough and the adjoining bathroom is an added bonus. If we wind up doing the addition later on, she can then move to her own room. She will be older by that point and want her own room. We shall see.

Speaking of moving, I painted the kitchen yesterday. I really love the colour and can't understand why I haven't updated this room earlier. It is such an easy and brilliant change. Yay for me! I still have to do the trim. Terry says that the job is so good that he can't understand why I want to hire out the staircase. I informed him that I don't enjoy it at all and I REALLY don't want to do the staircase again. Once in a lifetime was fine for me. It is nice to hear him appreciate my work though.

We visited Terry's mom on Sunday to celebrate her 86th birthday. She is such an awesome lady. She still seems so young. I swear she is going to live to be least! It was a hoot visiting with her and Terry's sister Shelagh. It is refreshing to see Terry with his family. He actually CAN be funny! I wish we could get together with his family more often. It always makes me feel differently toward him. It kind of reminded me why I fell in love with him in the first place.

Ah! The sound of the boys' fighting is everywhere. Time for Referee Mom to step in.

(*update on court case for Christmas Day noise violation...met with prosecutor today and trial is set for the morning of June 25th. 6 months to the day from Christmas. How ironic! Ulcer is growing, despite the fact that everyone keeps telling me it's a good thing.)

CHEERS TO BIRTHDAY GIRL JULIE "J-BUCK" BUCHANAN!!!!!! I am so going to lift a pint in honour of you tonight!

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BusyBs said...

The boys room looks great! And cheers, sistah! Thanks for all 27 birthday wishes!