Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hello Dream Home....Where Have You Been All Of My Life?!

This evening we loaded the hyper-crazy hooligans into the van for a field trip to stalk our dream home. After an argument over which dvd to watch on the ride, Kiki accidentally closing the foyer door on Little O's fingers (poor little dude) and me saying a prayer that the older girls would not kill each other while we were gone, off we headed to the 'Frew.

O was asleep within a few minutes and the other two behaved very well on the ride. Screamy, of course, konked out about 58 seconds before we reached the house and awoke 58 seconds before we reached our house, flipping out about having not seen it. He also seemed to believe that we would be buying the house, like one does a loaf of bread. Cute kiddo.

I digress....what a gorgeous house it is! All I can say is WOW. Actually it is way beyond wow. The picture that I posted does not do it justice. It looks much bigger in person as well. It is so hard not to picture a life there. T-man wants to book an appointment to see the inside. Though the thought of that makes me drool, I can't help but wonder why we are even going down this road. I am not sure that relocating to Renfrew is really the way to go. Terry is in love with the idea of a new life there; he says he has always loved and wanted to live in Renfrew (he has said the same thing about Perth and Eganville). I really just love the house. I like the idea of being closer to the cottage and mostly love the idea of getting away from the evil neighbour, but if I am honest, I know it is that beautiful house.

Now, truth be known, it wouldn't change my lifestyle too much to move to Renfrew. I certainly worry about the children. Miss Mex is very happy with her social school life and does not want to move (a year ago, she wanted to move and Kiki did not. Arg, can they never agree??) T and I even discussed the possibility of her commuting with Terry, but I tried that before and it really sucked. Though, she is much more outgoing than I ever was, so she would make friends easily.

I am exhausted and have developped pink eye in my left eye this time, so I must say good evening. Toodles.

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