Saturday, 27 March 2010


Did any one of my three followers ever watch the show China Beach? It was set in Vietnam and starred Dana Delany & Marg Helgenberger....and some hot dude whose name I can't recall. Anyhoo, the theme song was Reflections by Diana Ross and The Supremes. I just googled the lyrics and they are much more sad/heartbreak-y than my mood today, but the title of the song certainly represents the theme of today for me. I'm definitely in a reflective mood.

For your listening enjoyment, here is the youtube video of The Supremes performing the song, as well as another song:

Ooh! And here is the actual China Beach theme!

I find myself reflecting on those that used to be such an integral part of my life, but that, for some reason or another, I no longer have in my life. Now, I'm talking about people from years ago, friends, neighbours, other is strange how time doesn't seem to pass, yet when I look back I can't figure out what happened to all of those "constant" people. I suppose for me the easy answer is children. Children happened. But I suppose that isn't fair to blame it on procreating. I mean, it does take two to tango. My blame can rest on my self-inflicted seclusion and sudden lack of social butterfly-edness. I remember being on the phone for countless hours a day when I was younger. So, at least, I was keeping in touch. I just don't know what happened.

Worse than that, I can't seem to figure out how to remedy the situation. How do I turn this around and reclaim friendships or even hope to make new ones? Baby steps are great, if you actually take them. Baby steps aren't worth a damn if you simply stand there paralysed. They are just meaningless words. I guess it's time to make an actual plan. I like, make that love, lists - so I will have to make a "Reclaim/Make New Friends List. Wonder if it will work.

Now off to prepare for this evening's visit from my daddy and his lovely wife Marie. Firstly, I must make a preparation list ;)

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BusyBs said...

Host another small gathering! Didn't that go rather well? Maybe if you get used to being around your peeps again, it will encourage you to get out more, especially now that the children are older. I say all this knowing I rarely leave my street ;)