Monday, 8 March 2010

The More I Try to Change Things, The More They Stay The Same

I think that one of my problems in life is that my expectations of others are at the same level as my expectations for myself. Like when I ask for something to be done, I expect the other person to do it with the same perfection that I would expect from myself. When someone says something of importance to me, I expect it to be with the same honesty & with the same conviction as I would have if I had said the same thing.

I know I have seemed negative lately, and maybe it is mostly due to this undying cold/ear infection, but always being the only one putting forth the effort is starting to have its toll. I am currently talking about the house issue, though this can relate to the children, the pets, neighbour issues, etc.

Say we do decide to sell our house, and I am honest with the fact that I honestly don't know if I want to move. Though it is interesting that my current misgivings are due to the fact that our house is nowhere near ready to sell right now, not the fact that I am considering moving 100km away. Back to my point....I'm not sure that I can single handedly get this house in order, well, not in the amount of time needed to get my dream home. Afterall, let's face it, I had not considered Renfrew (or any other town) seriously, until finding my dream home. Though, that house in Perth last year had me thinking about moving out of town - at the time Kiki out right refused to leave Ottawa (now she wants to move).

Kiki and I worked like dogs yesterday on the kitchen. We got rid of one garbage bag full of junk, tons of recycling (mismatched plastic containers) and have one garbage bag of stuff to donate. And that was just after doing a couple of cupboards. This is going to be a long process. I did a little cupboard today and had been wanting to do the pantry, but my ear hurts so much that I decided to take a break. It also really helps to have a helper - the team effort made things zoom along. Plus my need to gain control of my laundry on the dining room table takes priority today. It's so very difficult to prepare a house to sell when the mundane daily chores keep getting in the way.

It doesn't help that Terry is still suffering from his PMS (Persistent Male Sydrome) and has been throwing his share of Mantrums, which makes for an unhappy co-conspirator in our battle to reclaim our house.

I wish that I could enlist the help of my mother, but for now it is best to keep her at bay. An appeal for help would cement our decision to move and put undue pressure on us. I think for now I would prefer to continue prepping, but not necessarily commit to anything publicly. Not to mention that I wouldn't let my mom upstairs at the moment, even if you paid me.

We see the dream home on Sunday...yay!!!! If the inside looks as good as the outside & the pictures, it will be hard not to go house-selling crazy!

I suppose when all is said and done, I will at least have done a major spring cleaning this year, even if it takes until the fall ;)

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