Friday, 5 March 2010

Mama, Please Pass the Bucket....

Oh, what a night! (late December back in '63, what a very special time for me, what a lady, what a night..... sorry, I couldn't resist)

Just when I think it can't possibly get worse, I end up holding a bucket for Miss Hollywood while she sits on the toilet at 1:30 in the morning. Poor thing managed to empty her system. At 4am, Screamy woke up - you guessed it - screaming. For the past 36 hours, he has been having sudden urges to poo and at this happened again at four o'clock. Luckily, the little dude didn't vomit.

This morning, Boys 1 and 2 were both complaining of stomach pains. Miss Hollywood said her tummy her a bit, but insisted that she was well enough to go to school. Bless her heart.

Both older gilrs are ill as well, but Miss A's is just a bad cold and she is trying to get her bum to school. Better late than never, I suppose. Kiki is only a couple days behind me on the symptom scale (though her body seems to be trying to fight a bit, while mine is continually deteriorating).

I had a bowl of rice for supper last night. My stomach has been massively cramping ever since.

Regardless, I have work to do today. I have to finish typing up some minutes that I have to email out today. AND I am determined to reclaim my foyer and dining room.

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